💚 Lyme Awareness Day 15: Lyme disease can be debilitating 💚

We are just about half-way through Lyme Disease Awareness Month!  If you have been watching my lyme awareness videos, you have learned that many Lyme disease patients do not respond to a conventional 30-days of antibiotic treatment.

I have explained some of those reasons why, and how incredibly difficult it is to find effective alternative treatment when this happens.

Lyme disease can take a debilitating toll on the body with Exhaustion, pain, and anxiety.

➡ Many Lyme patients are unable to work, drive, or take care of themselves, resulting in a dire need for caregivers and financial support.

➡ Patients who were unjustly left undiagnosed and untreated face YEARS of recovery.

➡ Unfortunately, Lyme disease is not considered a “disabling condition” according to the US government, making it very difficult to receive disability payments.

💚 If you know someone with Lyme, BELIEVE them when they say their symptoms are debilitating 💚

➡ Getting out of the house takes extreme effort, and they are probably hiding their symptoms so they can appear as “normal” a possible. Lyme is sometimes called an “Invisible Illness” or “Invisible Disability”

❤ Thank you for your patience and understanding for those who have chronic Lyme disease! ❤

How has Lyme disease affected your ability to live life?

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