Chronic Illness Profiles

Many chronic illnesses are not covered by insurance, and treatments are often unconventional and expensive due to lack of research and political advocacy.
With treatments costing thousands of dollars a month and an inability to work, chronic illness patients are facing a problem that no one could overcome on their own. A chronic illness can happen to anyone and it does not discriminate under any circumstances.

I believe that people crave opportunities to share their blessings and be generous with helping those in need.  That is why I present to you a collection of chronic illness crowdfunding profiles. Please click on the link to find out more about the patient and how you can help.

If you would like to be featured on this page, please send an email to with the link to your crowdfunding page, a picture, and a short bio (less than 100 words) describing your chronic illness.

Semia @semiaradwan

My Journey to Health

Screenshot_2017-12-13-16-16-55“I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in 2015. My family spent all they had to get me well but have nothing left. We are unable to get me the treatment I need anymore. I suffer with 50+ symptoms on a daily basis that are so debilitating I am no longer able to function normally. I do not want to give up but I am very afraid due to severe long term complications.”

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Destiny @destinylynnvillafane

Destiny’s Battle with Lyme Disease

“I am 29 years old and I have been sick on and off since I was 14 years old. When I first started showing symptoms my mother asked my doctor if it could possibly be Lyme disease since I had a history of multiple tick bites but they said Lyme disease did not exist. Fast forward almost ten years when I had my first child, I became ill the first year after postpartum. I was working with a functional medicine doctor who said I had thyroid issues and suggested I be tested for Lyme. At the time I was young and a new mom and did not have the out of pocket for the test. I started to feel functional but not symptom free and stayed like that for about one year before starting to exhibit debilitating symptoms, once again. Again, no doctor could tell me what was wrong. After my second child in December of ’15 I never fully recovered. For about six months my husband and I thought it was just a really hard postpartum but that wasn’t the case. Something was wrong. I found a new doctor and they immediately recommended an MRI to rule out MS. Shortly after the results came back negative my doctor had retired. So I searched for a month for a new doctor who finally diagnosed me with Lyme disease. They also said I have lupus and Hashimoto’s. At only 29 years of age. On my bad days I feel like this disease has taken most of my life from me. Who I would be healthy? What could I have accomplished? But I hold strong in my faith for God and His power. This can’t be the end of my story, only just the beginning.”

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Victoria @torieslymelife

Please Help Victoria Recover from a TBI and Late-Stage Lyme

 I am Victoria Brown I am suffering from late stage Lyme, a mild traumatic brain injury, and POTS. I’m passionate about the biomedical field I was a biology major with just 7 classes to finish pushing through my undiagnosed Lyme painful symptoms until my tbi which has left me unable to graduate. I want to recover so I can make a change in this biomedical world. Myself and my family have depleted ourselves of resources. Anything helps.

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