💚 Lyme Awareness Day 8: Treatments 💚

If caught early, Lyme disease is usually treatable with antibiotics. However, many cases of Lyme remain undiagnosed for years 💚

There is no official treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease.

Chronic Lyme patients have no other choice but to pay out of pocket for expensive alternative treatments that do not always work. Some treatments work for some, and not for others.

I can only tell you what helped me, but this is specific to my Lyme symptoms. For more info on my Lyme journey and treatments, check out my Chronically Healed Video!

The treatments that helped me the most were:

IV Therapy with saline, vitamin c, vitamin b complex, magnesium, calcium, and glutathione, The Paleo Diet, Biofeedback therapy, NUCCA Chiropractic, Various supplements, THC Medical Marijuana.

Conventional medicine failed me. I struggled for years until I finally found a naturopathic doctor who understood my condition and actually helped me get better.

If conventional medicine is not helping you and you are getting sicker and sicker, it is okay to seek out alternative treatment. There is no shame in going to a naturopathic doctor, especially when you are receiving no help from traditional doctors.

But please remember to use good judgment. There are many people out there preying on desperate lyme patients. I’ll talk more about how to avoid scams in a later post.

If you have Lyme disease and have found an effective treatment, please share in the comments! There are so many suffering from this disease with no direction, your information could really help someone!