💚 Lyme Awareness Day 16: Mental and Emotional Health 💚

This is one of the most important Lyme facts I am sharing with you, so listen up!

➡ Anxiety, depression, and emotional sensitivity can be SYMPTOMS of Lyme disease. Lyme can cause anxiety and depression as symptoms.

➡ Many Lyme patients are falsely diagnosed with mental health disorders, preventing them from receiving proper treatment.

I had TERRIBLE anxiety! It felt like my brain was constantly and frantically trying to claw itself out of my skull. It felt like there were loud, overlapping commercials SCREAMING in my mind constantly. No wonder I had insomnia! It was so strange how my mind was always freaking out, because I lived a pretty calm life.

I can’t imagine what this anxiety would be like if I had been a child. You would have absolutely no way to describe it, let alone manage it. Many children with Lyme disease have behavioral issues, and I completely understand why if they are experiencing the anxiety like I did. I would definitely act out if I had anxiety like that and had not developed the cognitive skills yet to communicate about what it was I was feeling.

➡ I tried everything for my anxiety. No pills helped. Therapy helped me cope, but didn’t really help the symptoms. Nothing helped until I was able to effectively treat the Lyme. Once the Lyme was gone, my anxiety vanished.

➡ I also used to think I was immature for crying over little things. I would be super happy one day, and the next, crying my eyes out. “Why am I even crying?” “I DON’T KNOW!” But once the Lyme was gone, so was my emotional sensitivity.

It could be detrimental to treat your anxiety or depression as a mental issue, WHEN it is being caused by a physical issue. It is never your fault if you have anxiety or depression, whether it is caused by a physical or mental issue.

❤ Living with a debilitating and isolating illness can also lead to anxiety and depression, which I will talk about more in a later video❤

💚 LYME PATIENTS: What are your mental and emotional symptoms? 💚