Vote for me to be on the cover of Jestset Magazine!

I was selected to be a contestant for Jetset Magazine! Check out my profile and vote!

This is so important to me, because I am always looking for ways to reach the WORLD to spread awareness and hope for chronic illness! If I win, I am planning to donate a portion of the winnings to the GoFundMe’s of those suffering from chronic illnesses.


One thought on “Vote for me to be on the cover of Jestset Magazine!

  1. I saw your comment today with your photo about searching for the answers and I know what you are saying.

    I have prayed for healing for others for years but there was one instance recently where I did wonder if through Jesus I could heal myself and I finally decided to try it on myself. I placed my hand on a mole on my back that the doctors said would have to be removed several years earlier. I prayed that Jesus shine his light and love on my mole and heal me. A few days later as I was putting on my clothes I reached behind and touched where the mole was and noticed that it was partially detached. About the 3rd day I reached back there and felt the area and the mole completely detached and there wasn’t even a mark left behind where it was. I didn’t save that mole but maybe I should have. I have come to learn that if people don’t believe what I say about my stories that there will never be anything I say or do to change their mind. Healing is giving your heart. The ones who are healed are the ones who have the faith. Keep on believing!

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