CHRONICALLY HEALED: Kiki’s Chronic Illness Story

How I Overcame POTS and Lyme Disease: IV Therapy, Marijuana, and the Grace of God!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO (youtube restricted it because I talk about how medical marijuana saved my life)

After being sick for 10 years, I am now alive healthy and thriving!
My healing journey was non-linear. Watch my full story to get the most out of what I learned from living with and overcoming a chronic illness.

I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS aka Dysautonomia), Lyme disease, and Babesia.

My symptoms were feeling faint (chronic pre-syncope), low blood pressure (hypotension), low blood volume (hypovolemia), nausea and stomach pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, social anxiety, cold hands and feet (cold extremities), sensitivities, brain fog, TMJ, neck pain, and more.

The treatments that helped me were:
– Biofeedback therapy (InnerBalance by HeartMath)
– Jugular Venoplasty (Transvascular Autonomic Modulation surgery)
– NUCCA Chiropractic
– TMJ Orthodontic Treatment
Paleo Diet
Vitamin IV Therapy
– Medical Marijuana THC

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, none of these treatments would have helped if my heart was not open to receive healing. Spiritual and emotional health are interconnected to physical health. IT WAS ESSENTIAL for me to be healed spiritually before I could be healed physically.

As I grew closer in my relationship with Jesus, I grew closer to his healing. He healed my soul and strengthened me to be the overcomer God created me to be!

If you know anyone with a chronic illness and needs hope, send them this video! It is my new mission in life to raise awareness, advocacy, and hope for chronic illnesses!

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What treatments are helping you to heal from a chronic illness? Please share in the comments, maybe it could also help others!

Videography by Storto Productions

4 thoughts on “CHRONICALLY HEALED: Kiki’s Chronic Illness Story

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  2. Hello Kiki, This is Terry Bell in Nashville . I’m a singer songwriter who got Covid and pneumonia in Dec 2020. I have been dealing with Post Covid long hauler symptoms that are very similar to what you went through with having Lyme Disease. I lost over 60 Ibs , have shortness of breath, chronic fatigue and weakness, stomach problems ect. It is only by the grace of God that I’m still here and continuing to believe that the Lord’s promise to bring healing and restoration, not sure when that will be but I know I will be okay as long as I keep my faith in his promises.

    I wanted to reach out to you because there are millions of people that are suffering with Post Covid long hauler symptoms that could be helped by your story and healing journey

    Many people feel alone, and isolated because their family and friends don’t understand what it’s like to have a chronic illness and the doctors don’t know how to treat long Covid because it is so new and there is no medical cure at the moment

    I would encourage you to do some research on Long Covid and see that what you have been through in your chronic illness journey to Healed could inspire and give hope to people out there that have lost hope that things will get better they just need to hold on to hope and have faith that God is with them in and will help them get through to the other side to healing, restoration and new life.


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