💚 Lyme Awareness Day 19: The Herxheimer reaction 💚

When Lyme Disease is treated, the bacteria that cause Lyme begin to die off and release toxins into the body. This detox process is called The Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction, or “herx” for short.

The word “Detox” has become a popular buzz-word fad thing in the last few years, but a herx is not your regular detox.

If you are healthy and not dipping yourself in toxic waste, your liver can do all the detoxing for you. A detox diet or detox cleanse or whatever probably isn’t really going to help you detox any more than what your body regularly does.

However, a herx detox is a lot different.

➡ Herxing is often considered worse than the Lyme disease, described as all of the symptoms hitting you at once, lasting hours or days.

➡ Herxing can be so intense that it can deter Lyme patients from going through the healing process. A treatment could cause a herx so bad, that they think it was a side-effect of the treatment and so they will stop the treatment. But really, a herx means the treatment worked and is killing off the lyme bacteria.

💚 Herxing means you are in the process of healing from Lyme disease. So, Keep moving forward! 💚

There are some things that can help aid the herxheimer reaction, so that they are less intense and shorter. I will be talking about one tomorrow, so subscribe, follow, like, turn on post notifications, asdfghjkkl;, so you will not miss it!

What helps aid you in the detoxing process of Lyme disease?

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