💚 Lyme Awareness Day 25: Treatment “Scams” 💚

Whew! Lyme Disease fact #25! We’ve almost made it through the month! If you have been following my video posts this month, you will have learned about how Lyme Disease can be debilitating and how difficult it is to get treatment.

When you are getting sicker and sicker, and unable to find an effective treatment, you become desperate. Your body feels like it’s crumbling and you are so exhausted, you don’t care how weird a treatment sounds, you would do anything to feel even slightly better!

Unfortunately, there are bad people who will use your situation for their advantage. They will prey on desperate people to get money out of them. Maybe they are in a desperate situation themselves.

This has resulted in many Lyme Disease Treatment Scams. Here are some tips that can help you avoid them:

Be aware of…

  • Cheesy internet ads and unsolicited emails promoting a treatment.
  • Buzzwords like “Miraculous Cure” “Ancient Remedy” “New Discovery” “Scientific Breakthrough” “Secret Ingredient”
  • Social media posts that are spam accounts, constantly posting and copy-and-pasting the same comments on everyone’s posts.

And of course, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I can not think of a single, magical, cure-all treatment for chronic lyme disease. If a health clinic is promoting something that sounds like this…. It might be a scam.

Remember to always do your research! Put together a set of criteria before you decide on a treatment. For example, say you will not consider a treatment if there are no outside sources to back up a claim or if it can have any dangerous side effects.

Too many lyme patients have spent too much of their money that they don’t even have on bogus treatments.

HOWEVER, this does not mean that all alternative, natural treatments are scams. I found great help using alternative natural treatments, which I talk more about in my Chronically Healed video.

If you have been the victim of a treatment scam, it does not in any way reveal your type of character or intelligence. There are many intelligent people out there who have fallen for scams. You are not stupid or bad or anything! You know who is the bad one? The scammer! They are the one who is preying on the desperate instead of helping them.

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