💚 Lyme Awareness Day 29: Strength💚

We’re almost through with Lyme Disease Awareness month! I have had so much fun making these videos, I just feel SO PASSIONATELY about talking about lyme disease and getting this information out there.

And these last three videos will be the most important ones!

So, if you have been listening to me the past month, you have learned that lyme is just a really bad thing to get.

And we can’t always change our situation. But we can change our perspective and let our situation change us.

You can allow the lyme to make you bitter, entitled, and drown you in self-pity. This was me for many years and I hated my life.

Or you can allow the lyme to teach you compassion, patience, and humility. As I grew these characteristics, it didn’t necessarily make the lyme any better, but it definitely made my soul feel a lot better.

Living with lyme disease for ten years made me stronger as a person.

I’m not saying everyone should get lyme disease because it can make you into a better person. But sometimes when we are suffering and there is no way out, sometimes the best thing to do is embrace it. Let it teach you something valuable. Let it’s rough edges smooth out your rough edges.

The body mind and soul or so intertwined and interconnected. You might just find out that healing your heart is also healing for the body.

I learned so much from having a chronic illness disability.

I learned that your worth as a person is not found in achievements, but in your humanness. You are worthy of love because you are a human. I have grown so much understanding, compassion, and love for people because of this illness! People who are homeless or have addictions or disabilities. We have all experienced shame in ways. You are so important!

I have also grown so much faith from living with a chronic illness. I learned that God was there with me, every step of the way. He was my friend and counselor and hope. His love for me is so much bigger than anything. God’s goodness is not dependent on my personal circumstances. He is for me and with me on my journey.

I have learned to be more kind, caring, grateful, hopeful, joyful, gentle, determined, confident, powerful!

Because of my Lyme journey, I am completely overflowed with a desire to help others. It is my mission in life to raise awareness, advocacy, and hope for people with chronic illnesses.

When you are first diagnosed with a chronic illness, the doctors don’t tell you how incredibly inadequate it will make you feel as a person. That is why I am dedicating my life to spiritually and emotionally help others who are going through the same things I did with a chronic illness.

If you want to hear more about the insights I learned, follow me on my Instagram, @chronicallyhealed I try to share a post everyday to inspire hope!

Lyme Patients: What have you learned and how have you become a better person because of Lyme disease?

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